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Residential Home Inspection

A home inspection is a lot like the report your doctor gives you after your annual physical. It’s a record of …

Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial building inspection by certified  professional commercial building inspector is the primary service we offer to purchasers of commercial buildings …

Temp Foreign Worker Housing Study

The temp foreign worker housing study is conducted on behalf of the Government of Canada. Key recommendations include: A minimum …

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Property & Home Inspection Resources

We have published 100+ articles online since 2010 to educate buyers and homeowners to equip with basic understandings of the home components, deficiencies identifying, maintenance tips and FAQs.

7 Things Home Inspectors Look For That May Kill The Deal

You got an offer on your house! Congrats … but don’t celebrate yet.

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Don’t Skip Home Inspection—It Could Save You Money In The Long Run

When you’re buying a new home, you can expect lenders to require home appraisals, which assess the value of your home.

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温哥华, 世界宜居城市, 吸引着无数的人前来定居置业,由于新建房屋还是供给量太少, 在温哥华的房屋市场上, 二手房还是占着垄断性的地位

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在验屋领域工作了这么些年, 被客户问得最多的问题就是,”这个房子值得买吗”

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Selling a Home With Asbestos?

Repair It or Disclose It, the Choice Is Yours

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7 Things Home Inspectors Wish Every Person Selling a House Knew

Home inspectors aren’t the enemy…you tell yourself (unconvincingly) as you wait for the “deal-killer” your buyer hired to arrive

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What Our Client’s Say?

I have had Eric inspected 5 properties over the last 3 years, and each inspection he provided a thorough review that extremely detailed with photos & information to show each deficiency or each working item. The home buying process is stressful, when Eric inspected the property you would like to purchase,  look no further. Throughout the buying process, there is so much information that you are in need of. By the time you have your inspection, you are often so exhausted with the entire process of purchasing! When its time for the inspection review– Eric goes through the ENTIRE review with you– all the deficiencies and working items to give you peace of mind! If you happen to forget what was said, no worry, he sends a full report that is available to you 24/7 to scroll through extremely easily.  Their team is extremely professional, detailed, and knowledgeable. – thank you for everything that you do!

Richard Mannuel

Vancouver, BC


Irene Li

Richmond, BC

My fiancée and I were connected to Eric and his team by our realtor for our pre-purchase home inspection. Eric provided a thorough explanation of everything he found, did a walk through to show us everything, and answered all of our questions. He then sent a summary report to us within a few hours after the inspection was complete. While Eric did a great job as far as the inspection goes, what really stood out to us was how personable he was and easy to speak to. He was not afraid to tell us about the good things he found, but was also upfront with his thoughts on any issues and concerns. After his inspection, we felt much more comfortable with our home purchase. We would definitely recommend Eric and his team for anyone looking for a home inspection!

Sanjog Gomden

Surrey, BC

I had a house inspection done by Joe, he was very polite, very informative and knowledgeable. He showed me where the water shut off , gas valves he also labelled everything . . He took the time to photograph everything inspected, circling all issues in provided pictures. He also provided education to ensure every detail was understood and walked us through each room and appliance/device to ensure everything was touched on. We had trust in his opinion right away and felt quite comfortable with him. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Julie Sandman

Langley, BC

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